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A Luxurious Office

Viktor Yanukovych is one of, if not the most infamous president in Ukrainian history. He is known for his greed and corruption during his time in office, which inspired the Euromaidan protests.

These 3 images are photos taken of the Mezhyhirya Residence, a residence where President Yanukovych lived during his time in Ukraine. 350 acres of land, flashy chandeliers, marble flooring, tunnels leading through the estate, and even a taxidermy lion, are inside this massive palace. This residence was transformed into the “Museum of Corruption” after Yanukovych fled to Russia during the Euromaidan protests.

Juxtaposed against this lavish life were the lives of ordinary Ukrainians, many of whom struggled to meet their basic needs. As an article published by the Open Society Foundation explained, ordinary citizens had to bribe teachers to get better schooling conditions for their children, or doctors to get appointments, or the traffic police to avoid fines.” The tragedy, as one Ukrainian anesthetist Konstantin Sidorenko explained, is that “presumably there is money. But for some reason that money doesn’t reach the most important places, like intensive care. So it means we have to earn everything ourselves.” In fact, due to the endemic graft within Ukraine, ordinary civilians are estimated to spend an average of UAH 1,000 (£41) in bribes each year to access healthcare. With widespread corruption afflicting every element of society, the Yanukovych years in Ukraine led to a desperate revolt against the corruption of his regime.

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